You’re Membership, just how you like them!

We believe in a training Centre Not just a gym and it should be easy and stress free.

All our memberships have NO LOCK IN CONTRACTS, NO JOINING FEE, UNLIMITED GYM ACCESS and UNLIMITED CLASSES and come with all the support and advice you should expect from the professional staff and trainers

About your memberships and reward Points – The only Memberships of their Kind!

We believe all services should be accessible for all our membership family. So we designed the points to access all areas and allow you to use the full extent of the training centre and its services, Paid premium or Not!

Your points can be redeemed for ANY Premium Service in the Training Centre, so you can always change your mind.

Not only that, you can give them away to friends and family to make them work for your attention, butter them up or use them for leverage, which ever you choose!

Their your points, use them how you’d like!

I Know..…Awesome Right!

Train Hard, Adventure Harder and enjoy your Training, and the best access to any service in any Training Centre out there!

Classes Only – $12.50/week

Love your classes and don’t really use the gym equipment?
Well this is the package for you!
This membership will give you access to ALL classes delivered in the centre.
Any time and day, session!

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Starters Package – $25/week

This is a package designed for you to start your fitness and training with all the help the facility provides.
It includes:
• Gym Access
• Unlimited Classes
• Fitness assessment on joining

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Adventure Package – $35/week

This is where the adventure begins!
If you love the great outdoors and adventure then this is you!
You still vet all of the above BUT…

As part of your Adventure Membership you’ll be rewarded with a generous points program that will allow you to access adventure trips such as Canyoning, trekking and abseiling for free.

ALL redeemed with your points. Rewards can come as little as 3months!

Simply rack up the points with your membership and crack into your adventures!

And Never be left behind!

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Wellbeing Package – $35/week

Adventure may not be your focus but getting trained and treated is!
This package is designed to help you stay focussed on training and limber through personal training massage therapy by using your points to trade for these services.

You still get all of the starter package inclusions, with a whole lot more.

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Corporate Memberships with the Gym and Team Building included

You know your teams work better with reward and regular team building.
You have run the same “reward and team building” programs most years that are getting a little old and tired and know the Drag of searching for quotes and the height of expense associated.

With our Team Building concept you get the best of both worlds.
Your teams will have the continuous reward every day with gym and training access AND have your yearly Team Building planned out and ready for when you are!

How Elementary or EPIC the activities are entirely up to you and your team.
We just make it happen as part of your Corporate Membership.

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Seniors Memberships also available

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For any questions regarding our pricing plans above, don’t hesitate to contact us!

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