Personal Training


Personal Training

Getting Personal

Castlereagh Fitness and TEAM PROTOCOL have come together to provide the best trainers possible. They bring a diversity of experience and training methods which drives our philosophy of providing a training centre not just a gym.

Every one of them are here to support you and your fitness goals. We have a huge range of gym equipment which can be overwhelming when trying to start.

Whatever the goal, the trainers are here to support you every step of the way and will help you get started without procrastination.

Our Instructors are also Adventure guides. Yep, they can provide adventure activities to be included in training or to plan out an epic expedition.

This IS our USP and there is nothing like this out there.

Visit the Team Protocol page on this site or come over and see our awesome staff.

Please contact us for further details!


Personal Training 1on1

Just you and the Professional! This is the bees knees of your training selections. It’s highly focussed and optimised for you and you training goals. You want to achieve it, this is where it’ll happen!


Two Mates Personal Training

You and your best mate training is one of the most effective ways to stay motivated an achieve your next level. You’ll have the Instructor moulding the sessions to maximise your performance and grab the next objective with both pairs of hands.


Small Group Personal Training

Designed for 3 to 6 people, this method allows your teams to lean on each other for back up and support and push each other to the next achievement point. A collective goal can amplify the intensity of unity and even raise the bar for an extended adventure and long term training habits.

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