Physiotherapy and Pilates

The Biopsychosocial (BPS) model understands that biological, psychological and social factors all play an important role in human functioning and that health is best described by looking at the interactions of these three spheres, rather than in isolation.

We understand that you are more than the sum of your parts! We also understand that one way of doing things doesn’t work for everyone. At BPS we have no blanket methods and no ‘one size fits all’ approaches. We assess you for YOU, find out the true cause of your problem and then work with you and our multidisciplinary team to get you the results you want and deserve!

Lana, a Physiotherapist and Pilates Instructor with 23 years’ experience in the dance and movement world, is driven by the overwhelming desire to help empower individuals to change their total health through efficient movement. She graduated from Sydney University with a Bachelor of Physiotherapy and went on to gain her Diploma in Professional Pilates in Studio/Rehab with Polestar Pilates. She is now an International Polestar Pilates Mentor and Teacher Trainer. More recently she has since studied and now practices the ConnectTherapy (previously known as the Integrated Systems Model) assisting LJ Lee on her Thoracic and Pelvis courses.

Throughout her professional years she has come to discover that no matter how we might try, the biological, psychological and social elements of our health are inextricably linked. One cannot consider one element without taking into consideration the other. This stands true, despite the vision that the modern health sciences have taken, of understanding the parts but not looking at the whole. Lana believes that we all desire to achieve and maintain a state of ‘total health’ and to do this we must keep these three basic pillars, the Biological, the Psychological and the Social/Spiritual in balance, a task which is no easy feat in the 21st century.

It is out of this passion and belief that BPS Tensegrity was created, with the aim of providing its community with:

the knowledge of how a ‘healthy’ human body works;
a skill set which individuals can use to transform their goals into reality;
the maintenance of a burning desire to continue and better their health journey, and;
The ability to effectively communicate their wishes and achievements to themselves, and the wider health community.

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