Ross Treleaven

Personal Trainer

Ross is an experienced, military trainer, adventure guide, motivator, fitness and performance coach, teacher and mentor.  Having served in the Australian Defence Force as a paratrooper for eight years and earning himself multiple injuries and surgeries, he knows how to move beyond physical and mental barriers to train for success.
He has designed and applied programs for Special Forces soldiers including successful Special Forces candidates in military physical conditioning, operations and rehabilitation training. These are the same practices he applies to civilian programs.
Ross will happily and by necessity take you well beyond your squishy comfort zone, challenge you to find your new limits through adventure, training and knowledge and have you embracing your evolution of change.
Acta Non Verba Mate.” (Action not words) “Train for purpose as a team or on your own knowing you have the support of your team and adventure for life! After all Knowledge Dispels fear which is usually the only thing that holds you back from your true potential.

Body rap sheet
To understand where Ross has been, and his determination to succeed, consider for a minute his body rap sheet: right shoulder and right knee reconstruction, compressed spine, broken and shifted vertebrae, broken spinal processes, dislocated sternoclavicular joint, heavy left knee damage, multiple sprains and soft tissue damage to both ankles and numerous body fender benders and muscular tears. Ross knows what it’s like to have hurdles and setbacks, work hard, and stay focused and to come out strong on the other side.

As his students know, Ross is always excited to start new projects and rally new people, and he is passionate about empowering them to achieve and keep their focus on the things that matter. His approach to Adventure and training is no excuses attitude. GET IT DONE!
He has his hand in many pots in including directing small businesses as a support for start up entrepreneurs.
He continues to teach at the Australian College of Sport and Fitness (ACSF) and presents at motivational seminars and workshops.

Strengthen the mind and the body will follow. Anything worth doing comes at a price, so you must be prepared to earn your achievements. There’s no such thing as a hand out or a free bloody breakfast! Earn it! It takes a pain and discomfort to acquire but once your task is over, the pain and sacrifices fade to nothing in comparison to your victory. Step up, Muster the courage, start, achieve and focus on the next! Pain is temporary, glory is forever 😉

Ross is the owner and Managing Director of Team Protocol with his best mates and Army brothers. “I wouldn’t do this with anyone else. We all have the same ideals for what we want to share and give to our Team Protocol family. I’m the luckiest bloke to have 2 of my best mates run this rock show with me.

When he’s not adventuring, training or educating, you will probably find Ross SCUBA diving, surfing, rock climbing, flying, motor racing, fixing or building something, or adventuring with his wife, son and beautiful twin girls.
yes… you will definitely find them all chasing him wherever the adventures take them!


  • Certificate III in fitness
  • Certificate IV in fitness
  • Combat Fitness Leader
  • Diploma in Fitness
  • Certificate 3 adventure Guide
  • Instructor at the Australian College of Sport and Fitness
  • Combat First Aider
  • Advanced First Aid
  • Advanced Resuscitation
  • Collection of additional fitness training qualifications
  • Technical and Adult Education (TAE)

Currant Studies and Interests:

  • Commercial Pilots Licence
  • SCUBA Instructor
  • Certificate IV outdoor recreation
  • Private Pilot License

Other Qualifications

  • Trade – Cabinet Making
  • Trade – Furniture Finishing
  • Trade – Post forming

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