The Gym

Performance Centre

This space is purpose designed to give you access to the best equipment to enhance your training and performance.
From professional Olympic platforms, Lifting and functional equipment for body weight and cross conditioning, Military equipment including ammo boxes, climbing ropes of 6m and so much more…here’s a quick list:
• 2 x Olympic platforms and 6 x rack lifting zones
• Competition level Olympic Plates and Bars
• Monkey bar and cage
• Benches, Boxes, KB’s to 36kg and DB’s to 50kg, Chains, GHD and massive amount of miscellaneous gear including rice bin and free chalk
• Rowers x 3
• Climbing rope – 6m
• Sleds x 2
• Ropes x 6 +
This area is designed for you to go nuts! Oh and did I mention every wall surface is a Blackboard so you can chalk up your session anywhere!


The Main Gym area

If you’re starting out, rehabbing or increasing your fitness this area is perfect. It has everything you should expect in your gym.
• Cardio area includes plenty of treadmills, cross-trainers, bikes, rowers and Steppers.
• A great selection of pin loaded, plate loaded and cable machines for every muscle group.
• The area also incorporates a free weights area including Dumbbells and Barbells, Lifting cages and a max rack for heavy lifting or transition work.



The training centre has a selection of 3 studios where you can box, crack out a circuit or just stretch and just chill. These areas are all included in your membership.


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